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Experience the ways of La Hu’s life. Enjoy with trek & learn about herbals. Don’t miss to explore at Pheeman Cave.

Wanderlust with stunning view at Phu pha Mhok mountain

Itinerary Trip

2 Days 1 Night

Day 1:

10.00AM    Jabo meeting point, introducing and recommend about the trail.

10.10AM     Learning about way of life trail in distance 6km.

      • First point: Herb in daily life in 1km.
      • Second point: Revolving farm in 2km.
      • Third point: seeing the view point and learning about how to raise pigs of highland
        area people in 1.5km.
      •  Forth point: walking to Pheeman cave in 1km. and having lunch

04.00PM    Going to homestay in 500m. to take a rest.

06.00PM    Having dinner and join the activities

      • Tribal sewing
      • traditional music 
      •  Basketry

Day 2:

06.00AM    Awake

06.10AM     Going to peak of Phu pha Mhok mountain

07.00AM     Having breakfast

08.00AM    Bon voyage

Operated trip by :

Baan Jabo Community

  • Tel. 097 9488346
  • E-mail weerachon110954@gmail.com

Emission information greenhouse gases


  • The amount of greenhouse gas emissions per person equal to 7 Kgco2 eq
  • There is carbon credit compensation in 2023, there will be 1 tons for 80 tourists who are expected to visit the area throughout the year.



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