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Chasing the morning light at Ban Mung Nuea, Traveling without creating Carbon.

Phitsanulok is one of the second-tier cities, is packed with activities throughout the year.  Welcoming both Thai and international tourists of all ages and genders. Outstanding both natural and cultural aspects. If you have a chance to visit this city, try to take a rest at Baan Mung Nuea, a place where you can sit quietly and absorb the beauty of limestone hills aged over 360 million years. Spend time with the wonders of nature on the mountaintop of Rong Ruea Ta Muen Mountain. Explore the beauty of the mountain top with 360 degree panoramic views while chasing the morning sun. Enhance good health with short-distance trekking activities or cycling to enjoy the scenery as “Hero” on the adventure route or walk into the cave to admire the beauty and listen to local legends. Recharge your energy with local food such as Khao Daek Nga. If you have a chance to stay overnight, don’t forget to bring binoculars to watch the millions of bats fly in the evening.



Full Day


Good morning, greet the community and listen to guidance from the local guide before participating in a climbing activity that does not create carbon. Exercise in the morning, climb steep heights and conquer “Khao Pha Daeng” to watch the sunrise at the highest point on the mountain. Get some fresh air. embrace the spectacle of the Sky Stone Forest. Let the power of nature replenish your body with fresh and bright.

  • Breakfast is rice wrapped in banana leaves on the top of the mountain. A simple menu that does not harm the environment, with careful consideration for nature, both trees and large rocks along the way.

Noon: Have lunch at the Ban Mung Nuea community, local menu that you can not find anywhere else


Making the traditional dessert “Khao Daek Nga” using traditional methods with charcoal, a good natural fuel found in the community area. Experience the aroma of charcoal enhancing the taste of the dessert. And adventures in small and large caves.

  • Explore the beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites and trace the legend of the Phra Rot Meree at “Nang Sipsong Cave” in the area of ​​Ban Mung Temple. Pay homage to Luang Por Boonmee in a quiet, shady atmosphere and bid farewell to the community. and return safely.

Emission information greenhouse gases


  • The amount of greenhouse gas emissions per person equal to 4.5 Kgco2 eq
  • There is carbon credit compensation in 2023, there will be 5 tons for 1000 tourists who are expected to visit the area throughout the year.


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