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Enjoy with the ways of  Savathi life . You will feel excited with Savathi historical , legends, etc.
Besides you will fun with local cooking class.

Itinerary Trip

Full day

  • Arrive at Chaisri Temple, Baan Savathi, Tambon Savathi, Amphoe Mueang, Khon Kaen Province.
    Visit the chapel of Chaisri Temple to learn about mural paintings or “Hup Taem” from
    literature of Sang Sin Chai or Sin Chai by local guide.
  • Get in to the pavilion next to Sim for a snack and listen to the community history from Mr.Wirat Sorsakda,
    the Cultural Chairman of Savathi Sub-district.
  • Travel by Saleng Car to visit Wat Pho Chai, Ban Savathi. To see the valuable items in the temple,
    including a more than 160 years old of ancient SIM, Hang Hod Song made from Sal wood and
    it has an ancient pattern, and palm leaf scripture cabinet (The antique of the temple and the local community).
  • Travel to “Non Mueang Kao” by Saleng Car. Have lunch at “Suan Pun Suk.” Enjoy local dishes
    such as fried fish, papaya salad, chicken soup, and clam soup.
  • Depart from Suan Pun Suk by Saleng Car to see and participate in the making of
    “Khao Kieb Samunprai Nang Sumontha” (Herbal Rice Cracker) at Mae Chanla Daosava’s house.
    Learn the unique recipe of khao kiap or khao kriap (rice crackers) that use the roots of
    “Dog Fart Cluster” or ” Kra Pang Hom”, Thai herb to enhance the sweetness and aroma.
  • Continue the journey to the Savathi Wisdom Museum by Saleng Car, located at the Ban Savathi School
    (Savathiratrangsarit School). Shopping the premium products derived from community wisdom.
    Afterward, watch a puppet show “Mor Lam Hun Sin Sai Noi 100 Years” a traditional  performance by
    elementary school students, showcasing the art of Isan folk singing and dance.
    This is the 7th generation of this particular performance.
  • Have a safe trip home.

Operated trip by :


  • Tel. 089 6693921
  • E-mail numalee101@hotmail.com

Emission information greenhouse gases


  • The amount of greenhouse gas emissions per person equal to 2.5Kgco2 eq
  • There is carbon credit compensation in 2023, there will be 2 tons for 500 tourists are expected to visit the area throughout the year.


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