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“Hong Hom Paya Lanna”, Chiang Rai Province. Energize Your Spirit with Hong Hom Paya, Learn Health Wisdom from Local medicine doctor in Chiang Rai

Hon Hom Phya in Nang Lae sub district, Chiang Rai, is a Tradition Herbal and Medicine Learning center with the concept of exchange knowledge about traditional healthcare and preserve the local wisdom of Lanna healers.

Initially conceived to care for monks and people in the community, it has evolved into creating livelihoods and opportunities for boys on the outskirts and those with fewer opportunities to stand in society.

At present, it opens to various organizations and interested individuals for learning. Additionally, it offers health services to patients and tourists who visit.

Itinerary Trip

Full day

Highlighted Activities

include traditional Lanna massage techniques such as Nuad Tok Sen (Tapping Line), Nuad Yum Khang (Herbal compress) Spa Suum Gai (Chicken Steaming Spa), Nuad Nam (Water Massage), and foot soaking with herbs. Each activity aims to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, and enhance overall well-being amidst the natural and serene surroundings.

  • Nuad Tok Sen (Tapping Line):

          A traditional Lanna massage using a wooden stick and mallet to create vibrations that reach deep into muscles, nerves, and specific points  without causing any bruising.

  • Nuad Yum Khang (Herbal compress):

          In the past, it was believed that the ploughshare used to plow fields was auspicious, there will be good luck.The skilled healers would dip their feet in oil and plai (a herb for treating bruises in the north called Pu Loei) and then step on the plouhgshare that were burned until hot. Then tread on the affected areas of the patient’s body. The heat and oil will help helping to ease muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation.

  • Spa Suum Gai (Chicken Steaming Spa):

          A traditional steaming method involving sitting in a chicken coop with a charcoal stove and hot herbal steam. Covered with a large cloth, the steam infused with herbal aromas helps muscles relax, reduces bruising,promotes blood circulation, induces sweating and expels toxins. Also makes the skin clean and bright.

  •  Foot Soaking with Herbal Steam:

          Relax and soak your feet in herbal steam after a comfortable rest. Special herbal formulas are then applied to the 
knees, helping reduce swelling and tenderness. If there are shoulder, neck issues or Office Syndrome, is also offered for Tapping Line together.

  •  Nuad Nam (Water Massage):

           Ideal for relieving neck and shoulder pain or migraines. Enjoy a unique massage experience using water that is specific.

Operated trip by :

Hong Hom Phaya – Chiang Rai

  • Tel. 089 0436045
  • E-mail acidoat@gmail.com

Emission information greenhouse gases


  • The amount of greenhouse gas emissions per person equal to 0.5 Kgco2 eq
  • There is carbon credit compensation in 2023, there will be 1 tons for 100 tourists are expected to visit the area throughout the year.



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