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Fun with kayaking along beautiful view along canal and fruit garden activities. Besides You will have experience tasting fresh fruits and honey in the garden. 

Itinerary Trip

2 Days 1 Nights 


  •  We will be going on a trip to the Tamhod community to worship “Poh Tan” at the Tamhod Temple
    and create Batik cloths at the Tamhod tourism community service. 
  • Have lunch.
  • Making a dam for water conservation during summer or branching out the forest. 
  • Kayaking to sightsee the canal atmosphere in Sandang canal.
  • Free time to do a private activity.
  • Have dinner.
  • Engaging in urban recreation with homestay in the community. 
  • Relaxing.


  •  Watch the sunrise at Khantakhom morning viewpoint. Then, ride the bicycle to see the organic field. 
  • Learn about the Khoknongna model of Tamhod’s father.
  • Sightsee the ingraft sacrifice fruit at Supattha’s sacrifice fruit.
  • Visit the Sufficiency Economy Center and Sustainable Home by Kanaung teacher. 
  • Have lunch.
  • Taste the fresh honey from the bee crate group and Buntan’s stingless bee. After that,
    return to the tourism center and bid farewell.

Operated trip by :

BAAN TAMOD Community.

  • Tel. 087 2988588
  • E-mail tanintor.8588@gmail.com

Emission information greenhouse gases


  • The amount of greenhouse gas emissions per person equal to 13.2 Kgco2 eq
  • There is carbon credit compensation in 2023, there will be 6 tons for 400 tourists are expected to visit the area throughout the year.




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