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This trip dose not waste time on the road because Takian Tia urban, Chonburi. The destination on this trip is not white sand beach but we confirm we do not snatch in crowds, we are just preparing yourself with empty belly and open your mind to learn for cure the world in “Taste of hero” concept. Enjoy with eat a lot of coconut in coconut farm. And get to know in agriculture knowledge, zero of chemical way, be kind for environment. When you get feel a little of starving, you cook curry and dessert by all of part in coconut. Coconut shell is ware, you do not make the rubbish. When the Sun down, riding the bicycle on coconut path farm or visiting at “Hundred pole house”, going in the kitchen to cook, cutting of “Mahot” bunch, folding roes with pandanus leaves and “Lumtud” singing. Happiness various of reduce power in silvan atmosphere.

Itinerary Trip

Full Day


Arrival coconut farm community, talk with farmer and Takian Tia travelling group before riding a bicycle on coconut path and look in way of life and new knowledge to use economic crops for develop from community tourism.

  • Tastes and look the show of making coconut coffee, squeeze strong coconut milk and steam to be foam on top the coffee, replace to use non-daily creamer, that is saving cost and smooth tastes of genuine coconut.
  • Going to meet chef of urban, she teaches to cook “Coconut shells chicken curry”, the regular menu in Takian tia urban, this plate is made of young coconut and eaten with salted eggs fresh shrimp pastes.


  • Having Lunch with proud from created meal by yourself.


  • Cooking easy dessert and yummy, “young coconut Bualoi”. Making the dough in fit of mouth, the color in dough, we made from nature such as pumpkin, pandan leaves and butterfly pea. All of raw material to be organic dessert and good for health.
  • And contributed the urban with shopping their product before going home.

Operated trip by :

Takian Tia Community

  • Tel. 098 4121712
  • ID Line 0984121712

Emission information greenhouse gases


  • The amount of greenhouse gas emissions per person equal to 3 Kgco2 eq
  • There is carbon credit compensation in 2023, there will be 6 tons for 2000 tourists who are expected to visit the area throughout the year.



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